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RPA: The three letters that can revolutionize your company

The RPA, Robotic Process Automation, allows through software to perform some repetitive actions instead of an employee, also adapting them to any changes that may occur.

Runbook Automation (RBA)​

Runbooks are collections of standard procedures and best practices for managing various IT system activities, which provide step-by-step directions for tackling jobs such as troubleshooting, diagnostics and data management.

Save time (and money)

Time is the key variable of a company’s strategy. Optimizing the time of your business allows you to make every aspect of your business more effective. And to facilitate and improve this task today we think the technology that allows to automate a series of repetitive processes, so that the professionalism of a company can be directed into more profitable activities.

This is the reason why all the most advanced companies resort to automation software which, thanks to the high technological levels achieved in recent years, allow them to carry out operations that not only have the advantage of being much faster than those performed by humans, but they can reach high levels of customization and automation that allow them to be used in the sector and in the way that everyone considers most important for their work.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a winning card for companies, as this technology allows users to effectively profile and intercept their requests automatically and precisely, through emails, newsletters and advertising messages that will directly stimulate their curiosity.

Software Integration

Ligeia specializes in integrating existing cloud applications, CRM or other management software like Pipedrive, about which we have a strong background in, with customized web or desktop applications. This way our customers can extend their use of the aforementioned applications, connect them with other cloud services via the use of API’s or fulfill any other need that they may have in regards to their existing software. We can either extend what they use today or completely re-invent and modernize their current setup.

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