Runbook Automation

The new technologies, for which Ligeia has a team of experts, make it possible to carry out even very complex processes. Machine learning, for example, teaches the system to operate adaptively based on changes in the data it receives and user responses.

In fact, programs with high levels of artificial intelligence allow computers to learn from their work and the results obtained.

This allows them to effectively replace human personnel in a variety of tasks, allowing employees to focus on other processes where they are most needed and where they perform better and more important.

A new generation robot will be able to adapt, improvise and learn from the accumulated experience to be able to carry out virtually any digital commercial activity you want, thanks to our Runbook Automation (RBA) solutions.

Runbooks are collections of standard procedures and best practices for managing various IT system activities, which provide step-by-step directions for tackling jobs such as troubleshooting, diagnostics, and data management. Their automation allows continuous updates of the documentation in question to ensure that all information inside adheres to the most current procedures.

In practice, to keep up with the times and with the latest innovations.

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