Marketing Automation

People are constantly connected to the Internet and use the Internet for the most diverse needs. In browsing browsers, sites, social networks and on the most diverse platforms their attention turns dozens of different things every minute. Haste and speed are now a constant. It is therefore vital for the success of any marketing operation to get involved in this hectic business in a timely and effective manner. And this is where Marketing Automation comes in.

People are impatient with advertisements that are too general, invasive or deemed useless. The message that arrives must be targeted and offer the potential customer a content that is truly attractive to him, with a quality message based on his tastes and needs. For this reason, marketing automation is a winning card for companies, as this technology allows users to effectively profile and intercept their requests automatically and precisely, through emails, newsletters and advertising messages that will directly stimulate their curiosity.
Personalization and automation significantly increase public engagement and free up corporate resources that would otherwise be wasted in repetitive and ineffective operations.

In email marketing, the automation of email campaigns eliminates the need to go through your contact list and choose who to send what to get their attention. Once the customer or potential customer has been mapped and the triggers and key points of a given campaign have been defined, automation is able to direct it to those who might be most interested in it. Why send advertising of sports equipment to a person who is absolutely not interested in physical activity, for example? The email would be useless and perhaps even intrusive, potentially prompting the recipient to ignore it or even unsubscribe from the newsletter.

Automated emails, on the other hand, achieve 86% higher open rates on average and produce approximately 196% higher click-through rates, thus greatly increasing the potential to generate revenue compared to the average of traditional promotional emails.

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