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Professionalism and experience at work for your business. We offer ourselves as an ideal partner for all those companies that intend to expand their network of contacts and to best promote their image.
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The voice of our sales agents to win the trust of new customers.

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Direct Marketing

Thanks to us, your contacts will always be up to date on your activities and product launches.

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Do not waste precious time, entrusts to us the search for your collaborators.

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We are the ideal partner to expand your business abroad.

Marketing AutomationThe phone contact campaigns proposed and implemented by Ligeia are intended to promote the company brand, to the administration of information surveys and market research. The personnel managing the activity is specialized and thoroughly trained. Ligeia's email marketing campaigns constitute the final point of the activity conducted through the telephone channel by our commercial agents. Ligeia will be sending periodic newsletters to potential new clients found with the telephone activity.

The attention to content and social media presence are essential factors for the success of a business. For the services of social marketing, Ligeia makes use of the collaboration of expert copywriters and art directors that convert into words and images the most appropriate market strategies to ensure maximum visibility on the web for our customer.


Do not waste precious time, entrusts to us the search for your employees

The outsourcing service is an activity proposed primarily for businesses wishing to outsource staff.

Thanks to us to, handling large tasks will no longer be a problem: we will search professionals that you require, freeing you from the task of long and expensive personnel selection processes, saving you precious time.

We also offer services of both software development activities or remote assistance, remote monitoring systems, tele and video surveillance, network and system administration.

  • Less cumbersome than hiring

  • We handle the recruitment process

  • Access resources outside your local workforce

  • You are in constant contact with your collaborators over the internet


Are you planning to expand your business beyond national borders? Ligeia Contact Management offers services designed to search for partnerships in several European countries and beyond. By leveraging the expertise of our bilingual resources guarantee the ability to establish contacts with foreign business realities and start profitable collaborations. We also offer full support to companies interested in operating in person on the Romanian market, providing assistance both in the fulfillment of the bureaucratic practices in the search for qualified personnel appropriate for the type of activity to be undertaken.

An effective network of contacts and the possibility of having operators and copywriter in English, Italian, Spanish and other languages helps Ligeia contact Management to move its horizons beyond the Romanian borders and offer customers to expand their turnover and carve out market shares in different territories, European or not.


To learn more about investment opportunities in Romania please download the ebook "Investing in Romania". The publication, edited by Salvatore Possumato with Carmen Sarbu illustrations, is a journey through the Romanian economy sectors, to discover a country of many contradictions that shows considerable potential for growth.

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Born in 1975, freelance journalist. He collaborated with the Napolipiù newspaper and directed the periodical La Municipalità. From 2014 he moved to Bucharest where he plays the role of project manager at Ligeia Contact Management, planning and controlling the progress of direct marketing campaigns.


Born in 1973, he works as sales manager at Ligeia Contact Management. Sales manager for Bernabei Ltd., from August 2016 has embraced the Ligeia project putting his twenty years of experience in the commercial area in service of the web marketing services agency.

The evolution of remote assistance

Linked to Ligeia Contact Management by a lasting and fruitful collaboration, Icona Ltd. is a modern and dynamic software engineering company, on the market since 1996. It is dedicated to the design of business and consumer software applications for environments such as iPhone and iPad, Android, BlackBerry and WindowsPhone and Cloud delivery of solutions for the improvement of sales processes, customer support and remote assistance. Flagship product is Livecare, a software suite made in Italy, entirely designed and built by Icona for the management and control of the Customer Care activities for business from small to large. Livecare is the ideal solution to organize customer support services, booking, technical support and all those activities that require quality and size in the processes. From March 2015, Ligeia Contact Management is the unique Livecare Support dealer for Romania.

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